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Finance & GAP Insurance

We offer a service to match your individual needs and requirements.

Here at Forge Aberaeron, we offer a dedicated service to meet the requirements of both individuals and businesses alike, no matter how large or small we aim to help you select the most suitable funding package, then tailor that package to suit your needs.  Our range covers all the requirements you may need. We can also arrange GAP insurance which protects the value of your purchase should you vehicle be stolen or written off.

What is available to you:

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is the most common and frequently used funding method, and is very easy to understand.

  • Pay your agreed deposit
  • Choose your agreed term, 12 – 60 months, repay the balance over this period, which will be a fixed monthly payment throughout the term
  • At the end of the contract subject to all payments having been made (including the final option to purchase fee); the vehicle is then yours to keep, sell, or trade in for a new one

Personal contract plan (PCP)

PCP gives you flexibility by the way of:

  • The deposit you pay
  • The length of the agreement
  • The mileage you will travel
  • The options open to you at the contract end

PCP is flexible because it can be tailored to meet your requirements and circumstances, initial deposits, length of agreement, annual mileage can be tailored to match your needs.  You will then have a number of options available to you at the end of the contract:

  • All or part of the difference if any between the final payment and your vehicle trade in value, can be used towards the deposit on your next vehicle
  • The Final payment (Including the option to purchase fee) can be paid and you can simply keep the car
  • You can decide to hand the car back to your Dealer / Finance provider and providing all the obligations of your agreement have been met you will have nothing else to pay

The key to  PCP is to match the monthly payment to your motoring budget, this is achieved by setting aside a final payment, which is a proportion of the cars present value at the start of the contract, which becomes payable at the end of the contract.

Using our car finance calculator is a quick and easy. It will give you an approximate guide as to how much you’ll be paying each month over the time period you want. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Browse through the vehicles on our ‘stock vehicles’ page. When you see a vehicle you’re interested in click the box ‘More Details’
  2. Clicking on the ‘Finance available from Black Horse’ box will bring up an online form for you to complete.
  3. Fill in the details requested to provide an approximate monthly payment.

Gap insurance

What is it?

Having your car stolen or written-off can be worrying enough without having to grapple with your insurer over your claim.

Worse still, with insurers usually paying out the current market value of your vehicle – not the price you paid for it – you can find yourself out of pocket, especially if your car was brand new.

Guaranteed Asset Protection, more commonly called Gap insurance, is designed to work alongside comprehensive car insurance to help you cover the shortfall.

There are many different types of Gap insurance, ranging from products that help you get back what you paid for your car, to those that help you pay off any outstanding loans on the vehicle.

Further information available from our sales team.


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